Why Identity Theft Protection is Important

Identity theft protection is becoming a big concern because thieves have become more and more high tech and have taken to stealing personal information instead of physical belongings. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, tablets and smartphones are changing the digital world and making it more riskier. Because of this, protecting your identity has become increasingly important.

But how do you protect yourself from these new high tech thieves?

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How to Protect Your Identity

One very important way that you can protect yourself is by shredding your personal documents.

  • Anything that has your credit card or bank account information on it should be shredded.
  • Pre-approved credit card information that arrives in the mail should also be shredded and the cards should be cut up.
  • Bills and receipts with your information on them should be shredded as well.

It is a good idea to shred as much of your paperwork as you can just to make sure that nothing slips through that can be used by a thief.

Identity Theft Protection On the Internet

Purchase software that can protect your identity and your personal information from hackers while you surf the internet.

Hackers can easily get to your personal information if you do not use software to protect yourself.

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Talk to a computer expert to determine what kind of software you should purchase to prevent your identity from being stolen over the internet, and about protecting your children online.

Insurance Protection

You can also purchase identity theft insurance protection. Basically this is insurance on your identity that covers your name and social security number. Having insurance on your identity can save you lots of trouble and hundreds of dollars if your identity is ever stolen and you have to try to clear your name and your debt.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you don’t have anything worth stealing. Thieves are not only interested in people with great credit scores who have lots of money in the bank. They might not be planning to rack up a painfully high amount of credit card debt in your name.

Even though credit card identity theft gets the most press, it is not the only kind. No matter how bad your credit score is, a thief can still use your name for a driver’s license or for tax purposes.

It's a Growing Problem...

Identity theft is a very serious problem, even though it may seem like something that will never happen to you.

It is important that you have identity theft protection so that you are not gambling on the fact that your personal information will never be stolen. You don’t want the consequences of stolen identity, so it is worth it to protect yourself.

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How to get Started

Through this Identity Theft Scout website, I will share information about the growing problems with identity theft and protective measures to take.

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