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Password Management Software and Driver Management Software are Essential - Ten Reasons Why!  

Password management software, for strong passwords, and driver management software, for up to date software drivers are essential for cyber security. Here we are looking at how to lock the cyber criminals out and shield you from identity theft and data loss!

HeartBleed – the infamous bug caused a great deal of heartache to the internet users across the world. This is an encryption flaw that affects some versions of OpenSSL. Since this software is used by internet servers all over the world, the bug affects the security of user information saved on these servers. Heartbleed highlighted the need for cyber security.

Password Management Software and Driver Management Software are Essential for Cyber Security

But are password managers safe? Studies have shown that they are. Here are the top ten reasons to use these tools to help keep you safe online:

Reason 1

Password management software encrypt your password database using public key infrastructure for advanced encryption. It protects your passwords from prying eyes. , one of the best password managers available at the moment is Keeper Security makes your passwords even more secure. It uses top encryption with 256 bit Advanced Encryption Standard. This is the same encryption standard that many governments use to protect their data.

Reason 2

Password management software allow you to enter your login information without having to type it. This protects your password from key loggers and those who look over your shoulders. It allows you to copy passwords from the application and immediately afterwards, the application clears the clipboard. The best password managers keep your password encrypted even when it is in their memory.

Reason 3

Password managers make it easy for you to track down your website accounts and passwords. But they store your login information online. Keeper Password Manager also have multi-factor authentication options of Touch ID and Face ID. 

Reason 4

Password managers usually ask you to create a master password. You need this password to access your password database. It is stored on your device and is known only to you. Keeper Password Manager also offers: Password Security Auditing, Dark Web Monitoring and Encrypted Messaging.

Reason 5

Password managers can be online or on the hard disk. This way, your details can be saved locally. Keeper Password Manager is online.

Reason 6

Strong password managers promise complete password security. They employ several techniques to protect your information from prying eyes. 

You can make your passwords and browsing sessions even more secure by using device driver management software like Driver Detective. Here are some compelling reasons to use driver management software.

Reason 7

Over time the device drivers in your computer will become outdated. This will affect the performance of your system. That is why you need to upgrade the device drivers periodically using driver management software. 

However, installing device drivers manually is quite time consuming. You have to find the model of your device, visit the manufacturer's website, download the driver and install it. There is yet another problem. You can't trust driver files downloaded from unreliable sites. That is why online security experts advise you to install only those drivers found in the Device Manager or on the website of the company that manufactured your device. Software tools like Driver Detective are equally reliable. They source drivers from the manufacturer's website.

Reason 8

Without any driver update software, you wouldn't know which drivers are outdated. It is difficult to check online for all drivers every day. Driver Detective keeps a track of all the updates that you need. And it does so using secure websites. This means that there is no risk of downloading possibly malicious files from the internet.

Reason 9

Driver update software tools check for online updates for your computer system. As a result, your computer always remains up-to-date and there are fewer chances of it getting attacked by viruses. 

Reason 10

You cannot trust just about any website to download drivers for your computer. When you Google for drivers, some fake websites might show up. Downloading drivers from them is not safe. Driver management software can save you from such problems.


Almost all of us have numerous website accounts. It simply isn't easy to protect your personal information online, especially since hackers are using all possible means to exploit security flaws in the architecture of the internet. You need tools like password management software and driver management software to remain cyber secure. We recommend that you use a comparison service to get the best available service as the best product changes regularly.


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