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6 Security Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

This is a contributors' article from Isabella Rossellini.

Trends come and go. It is not stagnant and the same rule holds true when it comes to security trends. Then, new and innovative ideas about internet security and priority account management are not simply passing fads, remaining active for a while and then forgotten.

No way! On the contrary, security trends have the potential to stay for a long time and have the ability to take your banking transaction security or business account security to the next level in 2019.

Security Trends

Today, you have information overload, excessive data usage on websites, mobiles, social media, and whatnot. Therefore, it is high time that you are aware of the latest security trends to protect your personal, financial, and business information in the days to come. You need to know how data should be protected from cyber hackers. Learn to build secure data platforms, immune to security threats. 

Of late, there have been many data breaches with findings that multiple unsafe Amazon Web Services containers were made public unintentionally. All of that had led to concealed crypto-mining malware, and many people becoming victims of ransomware attacks and similar threats. 

According to an article published on www.huffingtonpost.co.uk, smart and forward-thinking companies are already revamping their security strategies to protect their data and sensitive information from modern cyber hackers.

That is because hackers today are using smart technologies to infiltrate company networks to steal data and money, leaving organizations bankrupt. Therefore, with this context, let us read about the six security trends to watch out for in 2019.

1. Cloud Security Is Still An Issue

Cloud Security

Cloud security continues to pose threats due to mistakes in configuration and user negligence. One of the recent security threats was that a load of essential documents of the UN leaked due to an unsafe Trello board. 

Though cloud security is expected to improve in 2019, user mistakes are still a possibility. The protections are frequently ignored and workloads incorrectly configured. There has been much news telling that many organizations leaving AWS storage containers open, intentionally or unintentionally. 

Level One Robotics, GoDaddy, the Los Angeles 211 service center, and Nice Systems all had their confidential data records produced in the same fashion recently. Intentional or unintentional, it is beyond acceptance and irresponsible behavior such as leaving sensitive information for hackers to manipulate should be dealt with stringent measures.

2. Data Privacy and Security Will Increase

Data Privacy

With a tremendous increase in data channels, data volumes, and information types, it is hard for an organization to manage loads of information. In fact, it has become a challenge now and will pose a huge problem in the coming years. Though the regulatory companies are using new, rigid rules and regulations to manage and protect sensitive customer data, the importance of information safety will increase this year and in the near future as well. 

General Data Protection Regulation (GPPR) is transparent when it comes to digital data management and will provide answers as to what will happen in 2019 and the coming years. All organizations will need to incorporate GDPR regulations within the whole company strategy to conform to the rules and guidelines stated by the regulatory bodies.

Therefore, database professionals will need to collaborate with the security department of companies to reduce the chances of data breaches and threats, eliminate risks, including internal threats resulting in pilferage of information, make sensitive business data unsafe. 

If you are taking out a loan from Liberty Lending, for instance, make sure you perform all online transactions securely. Use an internet security application on your PC while transacting online.

3. Hackers Continue To Multiply

Multiply Hackers

Since the number of hackers and hidden coinminers are increasing and malware authors deriving the wrong benefit out of them, it is easy for them to disrupt your business operations.

In 2019, concealed coinminers were used as popular malware tools due to the increasing cost of cryptocurrencies. Over the year, malware authors used smart tactics and produced sophisticated tools that are hard to identify. A single malware exploited blockchain technologies of late, and another camouflaged as some software update. Therefore, detecting these is hard. 

Cryptomining will be a threat in 2019 provided hackers can make some fast cash from infections. Therefore, you must look for tools and deploy them to identify these manipulations or exploits.

4. Getting Rid Of Windows 2000, XP To Stay Secure

Rid Of Windows

There are many organizations that still use Windows 2000 or XP machines, which isthe greatest threat in 2019. These PCs are trouble no matter what internet security application you use or how the machines are protected or segmented. Are you aware of the risks associated with these devices?

Windows is updating its operating system frequently and therefore, it makes no sense to stick to your old OS. Using Windows 10 is the safe way to go. Keep your business and financial data secure with using the latest OS installed on your PC or laptop. 

You need to take this OS matter seriously. If your priority accounts are hacked and you end up losing data and money, then everything will be out of control. Yes, the damage will be irreparable.

5. Treating Multifactor Authentication Seriously

Recently, there have been announcements related to FIDO2 and protocols to boost security through hardware keys. When CISCO acquired DUO, it indicated how essential smartphone authentication applications could become in just one year's time. There is no shred of doubt about the fact. 

FIDCO2 will carry on with the gaining of adherents since the declaration of improved browser integration of late. As far as smartphone authentication is concerned, it will improve in 2019. Itwill be better incorporated into several mobile products.

6. Hackers Are Trying To Veil Their Malware

Hacker Malware

Recent news showed that malware infections lasted for several months in the UN incident before the IT department could identify the same. It means hackers are still using smart methods to conceal their malware. Fileless malware threats will exist in 2019. Therefore,the IT staff needs to improve their methods of detection to spot malware this year.


These are some of the security trends to keep an eye on in 2019. We have many data threats and security breaches even today. However, data management and IT professionals are working hard to secure your personal and business data.