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Protection against Identity Theft 
Using Services and Software

Protection against identity theft in today's society should be your highest priority. Your name is one of your most important assets.

To have it stolen, allowing the thief to use your assets to purchase whatever goods and services they desire is a crime that is despicable. Despite this, it happens all too often, victimizing innocent people living every day lives.

But protection against identity theft is something that can be easily attained.

The FTC's Guidelines

The government has developed several services to help facilitate detecting and arresting identity theft quickly and efficiently. The Federal Trade Commission provides detailed guidelines on how to prevent, defend against, and catch identity theft before any significant damage has been done.

Additionally, the U.S. department of Justice has laid out a plan for defending against and countering identity theft. Numerous self-defense guidelines are given, with the emphasis being placed strongly on careful disposal of vital documents and being cautious in giving out personal information.

Identity theft protection extends to the Internet and to your computer.

identity theft protection online

Software Products

The Symantec Corporation recognizes this, and markets software designed to target intruders trying to break through your computers security and steal personal information from you. Numerous products are listed on the company website, but some of the most helpful information is in podcasts. These sources help to explain to the consumer about the different scams on the Internet.

Trusted Identity is a product offered by the Identity Theft Protection website. It is a comprehensive program that consists of multiple safe guards that alert you when your identity is vulnerable to being stolen. It attempts to strengthen your security against Id theft by analyzing your security weaknesses, and then proposing ways that they could be eliminated.

Credit Monitoring

Several programs are designed to monitor your credit information. They are designed to log all credit activity and protect you against identity theft by pointing out activity that is questionable.

Lifelock and Identity Guard are two such programs: they monitor your credit activities and alert you of abnormal actions done in your name. 

Take Precautions

Protection against identity theft may sound complicated, but it is really quite simple.

By taking multiple precautions to insure that your identity is not stolen, you prevent the hassle of dealing with credit bureaus in attempting to repair your credit and clear your name. The best way to protect yourself against identity theft is to work to prevent it.

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