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9 Tips for Mobile Device Security

Ensuring your Mobile device security is secure, is paramount for protecting your identity, because more and more of your personal data is being sent to banks and other companies through mobile devices. As smartphones are getting smarter, mobile device hackers are getting smarter, too. Here are some tips to keep your browsing safe.

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● Keep software up to date: Make sure you are running the latest versions of your security software and are using the latest version of your browser. Updates for these keep out the latest viruses, threats, and malware.

● Guard your personal information: Be aware that if you lose your phone, you potentially give access to whoever finds it. Have a strong password protecting your phone and accounts.

● Understand your connection: security can go out the window if your mobile device is on an unsecured Wi-Fi network. Be aware of what kind of connection you have and who has the ability to see your information. If you are on a site dealing with money, make sure you see the "s," either with an "https://" or "shttp://" in the address.

● Know which vendors are safe: When you are on the go, you can’t always trust your mobile device security just to the fact that you paid a vendor to access their Wi-Fi. Be aware of what you are connecting your phone to and don’t assume it’s safe.

● Use Virtual Private Networks: A VPN (virtual private network) will provide an extra layer of security in addition to what is on your device.

● Don’t trust your passwords to autofill and cookies: While it might save you some time in typing your password each time you access your secure banking site, it can be a real security risk. Anyone who gets access to your phone could have access to your accounts.

● Be selective in your apps: Try to stick with apps from trusted sources or developers. Read through the comments before you download and install a particular app to make sure you are more informed about what you are getting into.

● Don’t hack or "jailbreak" your device: This may give you added access to your device, but it also leaves open more doors and windows for hackers.

● Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use: Your mobile device security can be at risk from the same things that make your device convenient. Hackers will often look for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals as gateways into your device. If you aren’t using them, keep them off.

Having a smartphone can make your life easier, but only if you keep your device secure. Practice good habits with your phone and utilize the resources available to prevent hacking. No one is exempt from “it could happen to you!”

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