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by Sunshine Oarton
(London, England)

My beautiful children...too bad I can't show you their faces...

My beautiful children...too bad I can't show you their faces...

Recently, my children's school asked for the students to bring in photos of themselves using the computer. The photos would be used for an "ICT" display on the school's password-only website. As I read the request, I imagined the lively snapshots I might capture as my daughter and son enjoyed a joke at the computer; However, as I read the letter further, it instructed parents that all photos should be WITHOUT faces. When I queried our Headmaster, he explained that there was too much risk involved in photos of children on the internet. I pressed him because I couldn't see the harm in posting photos on a private website. Even my husband forgets the children's password sometimes and can't log on to find the spellings of the week. The Headmaster was very clear that photos on the internet are not safe. Any one can find a way to download, alter or deface photos on the internet. He does not want the primary school to be responsible for any image provision. I found this very upsetting. When I was a child, it was a great joy to show my teacher a photo of myself. I always imagined that I would be able to do the same for my kids (but in a 21st century way through the internet). I wonder what you think of this, John, and if your readers have had any similar experiences? I attach the photo that we finally sent in to the school.

Moderator's Comment:

Hi Sunshine, Thank you for submitting this comment. All of us have our attitudes to the internet influenced by our experiences as well as the policies of the organizations that we are involved with.

I am member of a number of Groups where women have no hesitation in sharing the photos of their children and grandchildren. That is their personal decision. However, if they were representing another ogranization in an administrative position with a different policy their approach would be different in all likelihood.

I attach a link to an article published in Science Daily that may explain to some degree the administration position of schools :http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/02/120209135831.htm.

I hope that this comment helps.

John Cosstick

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