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The Identity Theft Resource Center is an online resource specifically designed to educate the public about identity theft and to provide support for victims as well as non-victimized consumers.

This organization was founded in 1999 by Jay and Linda Foley, originally named VOICES, Victims of Crimes Extended Services and operated under the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse (the name was changed to ITRC in 2000).

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Recognition and Awards

Since inception, the ITRC has been asked to participate in task forces, has influenced legislation, received awards, and grown tremendously in scope and influence.

In 2003, the ITRC received a commendation from California governor Gray Davis for contributions and civic involvement.

In 2009, ITRC received thanks from OFIR (Office of Financial and Insurance Regulation) for putting a credit scam out of business.

In 2010, the ITRC was awarded the Suzanne McDaniel Public Awareness Award by the U.S. Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus.

Types of Resources Provided

The Identity Theft Resource Center offers updated information on the evolution of identity theft — a growing and changing crime. They also have a victim assistance line and e-mail address, as well as a listing of other helpful websites.

There are many articles on prevention, scams (including examples of scams), victim solutions, letter templates, consumer guides, and even a section to educate teenagers on identity theft.

The victim solutions section offers advice on what to do if you are affected by identity theft, as well as suggestions for preventing identity theft.

The letter template feature can be especially helpful if you are the victim of identity theft, need to write letters to your credit bureau or bank, and have no idea of how to begin.

The templates include the Initial Victim of Identity Theft Statement and Fraudulent Account Information Requests to Credit Issuers or Merchants.

There is also a letter template on Confirmation of Conversation/Letter of Clearance and Request for Credit Line Block, among others.

The teen space offers help and information about file sharing, as well as general education on privacy.

Resources for Victims and Education

Overall, the Identity Theft Resource Center is simply that — a vast resource center for those who have been victimized by this crime and need help on repairing their credit, bank accounts, and reputation.

It is a vast resource for consumers who need general information on prevention. It is also a vast resource for educators wishing to impress on teenagers and young adults the importance of being careful and diligent to keep private information safe.

No matter who you are, the ITRC has information that can be beneficial to you in this age of growing identity theft. 

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