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How To Find A Lost Smartphone And Lock It Remotely To Protect Your Finances 

lost smartphone

Slowly and very dangerously, our smartphones have become something more than just an electronic devices. Our smartphones are now capable of holding a lot of information on hand, ranging from important contacts and messages to even bank details and other personal information.

This often leads us to give a lot of importance to securing our smartphones as much as possible. Losing them is definitely out of the question. There are a number of vulnerabilities our smartphones have to deal with. These vulnerabilities come in the form of physical damage, cybersecurity threats, and even losing it.  

Most manufacturers know about these vulnerabilities and tackle them convincingly. From smart locks to malware protection, an average phone is bound to have some of these basic security features.  

However, most of these features are truly useful when you don’t have your phone. Because of privacy reasons, we don’t like people randomly using our phones. This makes it almost unimaginable that some random person might be able to access your smartphone without your permission. The idea itself is quite dangerous. Thus, most smartphones come with certain features to help secure your phone and the data in it.  

If you want to prepare in cases where you lose your phone, below are some ways to find it. In this blog post, you will learn how to find your lost smartphone and lock it remotely. This will help you protect essential information, especially your finances. 


How To Find An Android Smartphone And Lock It 

Android smartphones are one of the most preferred devices. There are a number of ways to lock your android smartphone and find it if it becomes lost.  

How to lock it

The first and foremost important thing to learn is how to lock it. Let us look at some of the important ways to do so:

Screen Lock

Screen Lock

A screen lock is one of the most basic and important features of your phone. It is the first hurdle a person trying to break into your phone must overcome. Now depending on the kind of device you use, there are a number of different screen locks available to you. 

Setting up Screen Lock 

Step 1.  Open your phone and go into the settings. 

Step 2. Scroll down in your settings menu. Once you scroll down, you should be able to find ‘security’ options. This security option is incredibly important in your device. Tap on it. 

Step 3. You should be able to see a number of different options. Depending on the phone, you should see options such as PIN, Fingerprint, Facial Recognition, and more. These are the main ways to lock your phone.  

Lock It Remotely

It is important to log into your google account from your phone. Thus, it is always recommended that you add at least one working google account on your android phone. There are other prerequisites as well. Your phone must be turned on, must have a data connection, should have a location on, should have found my device on, and have a backup code/phone (if your phone was used for 2-step verification).

Step 1. Get access to a browser and go to Android.com/find; subsequently, you should sign in to your google account.  

Step 2. Select the device associated with your Google account.  

Step 3. You should be able to use the ‘map’ to search for your phone. Remember that the location is not going to be 100% accurate. It is only an approximation of the location.  You also get access to the last known location in case the phone is switched off. 

Step 4. You get plenty of other options. From these options, you can select ‘secure device’ to lock your phone with a PIN, password, or a pattern.  

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How To Find Your Android Phone

How To Find Your Android Phone

There are various ways to find your phone. The two recommended ways are ‘find my phone and by going to ‘android.com.’  The steps to find your phone are pretty simple.  

Step 1. Use a browser that has your Google account logged in. Search for my device on google. 

Step 2. You get access to the latest device you use on the search results. You can provide location access to google and get the location of your device. You can further sign out of your device, erase data and play a sound for 5 minutes on your device remotely.  

How To Find And Lock Your Iphone 

How To Find And Lock Your Iphone

The steps to lock and find your iPhone Smartphone is similar to an android device. Instead of finding my device, you will be using find my iPhone.   

Step 1. First sign in to iCLoud.com/find. Select the device that has been lost. 

Step 2. You get a host of options. You can search for it on the map or, you can mark it as lost and lock it.  

Step 3. You can also erase the device data if need be to protect your information. 

Locking an iPhone is quite similar to android phones. The process requires you to go into your device’s settings and select Security Options. From there, you can turn on a number of protection options.

From biometrics to passwords, you can lock your iPhone in a number of ways. To set up a biometric security option, simply go to settings and select Face ID and Passcode.


We have all experienced that deep and heart-sinking feeling when we can’t feel our phones in our pockets. Whether you go to a supermarket, a local vendor, or an escape room like breakout escape rooms, you keep your phones close. However, whether by human error or pure bad luck, you can often lose your phone.  

If you, like everybody else, use your phone for purposes like banking and payments, it is a scary scenario. A lost phone with financial information and data can be quite dangerous. But there are various ways to track and find your phone in the event such a mishap happens.  

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