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How Artificial Intelligence is Rapidly Strengthening Cybersecurity

This is a guest post article by Sean Williamson.  

As the world is going digital at an extraordinarily fast pace, the cyber-attacks are also growing in number and complexity. There are different kinds of problems within the field of cybersecurity. This is the reason why cybersecurity is the primary concern of businesses and companies depending on technology.

The latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) are playing a significant role in safeguarding their systems and protecting them against online threats and cyberattacks. Not only does this let the companies stay ahead of threats in terms of data safety and information security but it also strengthens the security of businesses. When it comes to cybersecurity, it is extremely important to take security measures in real-time to eliminate the possibility of all kinds of online security threats. 

Network Security

Network Security

Are you a business owner, who is looking for an effective way to secure the network of different IT systems? In order to so, the first thing you need to do is to create the policy for security and figure out the network topography of an organization.

Needless to say, both of these activities take up most of the time of an organization. But, today, with the advancement of AI, it has become easier to speed up both of the processes. Now you must be wondering how the process is expedited? Well, all AI does is observe and learn the network traffic patterns.

This way, not only your precious time is saved but you also save effort and resources which you can apply in the process of technological advancement and development. But, in case you are a victim of poor internet connectivity, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of AI to the fullest. This is why you should consider opting for Kinetic internet to experience the benefits of AI. 

Email Scanning

Email Scanning

Any company that wants to detect phishing emails that are able to steal users’ data as sensitive as bank account details and passwords can rely on AI-based algorithms. There are different anti-phishing programs that are in charge of inspecting deep links and then take part in simulating clicks on all the links.

This is how the resulting pages with signs can be examined easily. On top of that, with the Natural Language Processing (NLP), it can be easily ensured that appropriate grammar and words are incorporated in the email. Last but not least, anomaly detection can be applied to find out the presence of adware, malware, or other suspicious programs in the attachment or body of the email or recipient. Not only does AI detect such suspicious emails but it also protects you from any kind of phishing attack.

Behavioral Analytics

Behavioral Analytics

AI is considered to be one of the most promising and era-defining technologies as it comes with behavioral analytics ability. It simply means that AI has the ability to learn and recreate your behavior pattern. How does it do it? It analyzes the way you make use of online platforms, and not to mention, your device.

From your IP addresses to scrolling patterns to typing and login times, it analyzes every single thing. Whenever any suspicious activity is noticed or any behavior that doesn’t fall into your standard patterns, there is a slight possibility that it can consider you a suspicious user or even end up blocking the user.

Vulnerability Management

Many people report multiple vulnerabilities every single day. It is so challenging to manage all these vulnerabilities using traditional technology or human resources. However, with the help of AI, it becomes a whole lot easier to tackle this. The system based on AI does not let online threats exploit a vulnerability.

What the AI-based systems do is keep an eye on the potential vulnerabilities in the information systems of companies. They are capable of doing so by combining the patterns used by hackers, reputation, and discussions of hacks on the dark web. 

So, Will AI Put an End to All Cybersecurity Problems? 

The thought of letting AI take charge of the business process is arguably tempting, we must also not forget that AI comes with multiple things and, therefore, is very versatile. While AI is coming in handy for cybersecurity, it is also being used by hackers making its way into the employ of criminals for malicious purposes. When technology gets in the wrong hands, it will not only cause but also become a big threat to cybersecurity

As technology will continue to advance in the years to come, the adversaries will also become successful in enhancing their attack methods, tools, and techniques. This is how they will end up exploiting different companies depending on technology. It goes without saying that Artificial Intelligence is extremely helpful for businesses of all sizes.  With the help of AI, the attacks cannot only be detected but also be thwarted.