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Why and How You Should Select Data Security Software

Data Security Software

I am sure you must have heard the phrase “Data is the new oil”. A recent study also concluded that a single data breach can take more than 6 months to be detected, verified, and closed. Thus, if you have not given data security a thought, this is the right time to do it.

Data security software comes in all shapes and sizes and modern age data tools are engineered to secure all and multiple types of data. The primary aim of any company, no matter its size, should be data security and data privacy. Research says that most of the cyberattacks take place in the small companies, so it is necessary to keep your sensitive data protected.

No company wants to appear in the headlines for a data breach incident and no client wants to be associated with the company who violates their privacy regulations, hence having a strong and stable data security software that helps you comply with data security and privacy regulations is critical. Here are a few factors you should take into while you go on to select a data security/privacy software.

Secure Private Data - From Credit cards to social security numbers, companies store all kinds of private data. The priority of your software you select should be to come up with a mechanism to secure that private data. From restricting access to that private data to improving the way the data is being stored. Most threats around unauthorized access of private data originate from within the organization, hence the software should be capable of detecting anomalies of unauthorized access.

Prevent Data Loss - Losing the private data can be an unfortunate event for the company and extremely damaging to the company’s clients and individuals. Security software should be capable of helping you out in such a situation and monitor and predict threats which could lead to potential loss of data.

Ensure Compliance - Federal and International Regulations already have a strong framework that companies need to comply with to safeguard sensitive information of users from their region. Apart from regional or country-specific, existing industry-specific compliances are also observed worldwide. Your data security software should be future proof, and capable of helping you comply with regulations now and the ones that might come.

Listed Down Are the 5 Best Data Security Software

#1 Kogni

Kogni is the leading cost-effective, one-stop solution for your sensitive data discovery, security, and monitoring of your data both on-premises and cloud data sources. Kogni is an all-round solution that not only provides you security against threats but also helps you in securing private data using various encryption methods.

Kogni has a wide variety of clientele base which includes Educational, Pharma, Real estate, E-commerce, etc. It has the experience of serving customers Globally as it complies with GDPR, HIPPA, PCI, PHI, CCPA, etc. as it has an ability to seamlessly adapt to new technologies and comply with new regulations.

Kogni is known as the next-gen data security software as it is smart to discover sensitive data in all types of file formats which includes unstructured text format and image format. It is highly trusted and recommended by the users as it provides multiple methods for the encryption of data which includes Character masking, Tokenizing, Hashing, etc. and gives the user liberty to choose any method which suits them the best.

Kogni, being a robust software, detects the cyberattacks at an early stage by analyzing the user behavior/patterns and starts with the security checks. This data security software leverages the new age technology of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to maximize data accuracy through Continuous Learning.

Kogni software helps your organization to cbuild and align your cloud strategy by providing multi-cloud support security. 

Features - Multi-cloud Data protection, Encryption methods, AI/ML, Threat alert notification, Compliant to all regulations, Behavioral Analytics, User-friendly dashboard

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#2 IBM Gaudium

IBM Security is one of the leading perimeter data security solutions. It is known for its data security services in the industry and is used across various sectors starting from Banks to NGOs. It protects the data against unauthorized access by observing the regular patterns and sends a real-time alert upon irregular activities.

It immediately blocks a user’s access to protect the data against internal and external threats. It is known for its ability to Address Structured Data Security Challenges and Adapt to Changing Environments and Requirements.

IBM also backs the user with compliance auditing and reporting along with Vulnerability scans and risk assessments. It safeguards the data in a hybrid cloud with the help of flexible encryption models.

Features - Data monitoring, Data protection for Big data, Security alerts, Data Scanning, Risk Assessment, Data Discovery, and Classification. 

#3 Oracle Data safe

As the name suggests, Oracle Data safe is a monitoring center of Oracle database which provides the knowledge of the sensitivity of the data, risk evaluation, masking sensitive data, monitor and implement security control, etc. to the organization. It helps in configuring the systems as streamlined processes.

This software also helps in configuring the data along with creating a security baseline for identifying the configured risk and helps in controlling the access of the user. It also provides actionable reports along with solutions as a service to the customers. Even though it provides a dynamic and robust service, it fails in giving the latest updates.

Features - Evaluate data, Mask Data, GDPR compliant, Real-time reports, Users activity auditing.

#4 DBHawk

DBHawk is the web-based solution for sensitive data security and has its forte in three categories, Data Security, Data Management and Data Analytics, It demonstrates cross-database joint queries which include MySQL, Hive, Redshift, etc. along with the on-premises database. It is GDPR, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA compliant.

It has a unique characteristic of the Self-Service BI & Ad-Hoc Reporting Tool that aids in defining Data Access Policy, Build Powerful SQL Charts, and data Dashboards. This software has an online SQL editor which is a progressive editor that allows the user to edit, build and run database queries. 

Features - SQL editor, Centralized Security, and Auditing, 100% Browser-Based Unified tool for all on-premises or cloud databases, Accurate reports output, Security alert, etc.

#5 Hemidal CORP

Heimdal Securities is a cybersecurity software that provides the users with the cybersecurity detection at the DNS, HTTP, HTTPS layers, before they reach your device. DNS Filtering, DSR, Patch Management, Privileged Access Management are some of the technologies that are employed by Hemidal Securities.

Heimdal provides automatic software updates to give its user a hassle-free free experience while protecting its sensitive data online. It has a unique feature of filtering traffic and stop cyberattacks at all stages like before, during or after the attack.

Features - AI / Machine Learning, Behavioral Analytics, Block cyber threats at all stages, Vulnerability Scanning, etc

This is guest post contribution by Richa Pathak