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Why Dark Web Monitoring And Account Takeover Prevention Matters To SMEs

Businesses Are Under Siege From Dark Web Hacking Threats

Businesses are under siege from the dark web hackers because they pose a real danger to their security and financial loss by account takeover fraud. Dark web monitoring enables businesses to stay ahead of the threat by providing early warning of impending attacks. Dark web monitoring can also help uncover suspicious activity that may indicate the presence of an account takeover or data breach.

What Is The Dark Web?

The dark web refers to portions of the Internet intentionally hidden from search engines, where illicit activity is often undertaken. Dark web monitoring refers to the testing of network traffic for signs of illicit or criminal behavior to identify dark web threats such as account takeover fraud.

What Is Account Takeover Fraud?

Account takeover fraud means that the users' names and passwords have been compromised and the business or organization is exposed to having its bank accounts or other accounts being taken over by a hacker. Whether the hacker is after money, intellectual property, or something else of value it is a serious risk to cybersecurity

How Does Account Takeover Fraud Happen?

Account takeover fraud usually happens by a hacker gaining access to the login details to a business’s bank account, websites or other valuable data or assets that is accessible via the internet. Usually, the access is by fraudulently obtaining the login details, often through weak password management allowing access.

Systems weaknesses are searched for by hackers, including through employees’ online login details. Although dark web monitoring acts as an early warning system by providing visibility of network traffic and flagging anything suspicious.

Account takeover prevention is helped by having better password management and monitoring in place. An example of this is having mandatory two-factor authentication (2FA) in place, which requires a secondary account login beyond just a username and password.

Dark Web Monitoring Helps Businesses Stay Ahead Of Hackers

Dark web monitoring can help companies gain visibility into the patterns of their employees' behavior, as well as those who try to access company accounts from outside. Dark web alerts provide a direct line for threat detection and give businesses the opportunity to secure accounts before attackers have a chance to go after them. Dark web monitoring therefore also allows companies to be proactive with account takeover prevention.

How Is Dark Web Monitoring Implemented?

What are the main characteristics of dark web monitoring? Dark web monitoring can be implemented in several ways, but typically involves continuously checking all incoming and outgoing traffic for signs of cyber-crime or other types of security threats. Dark web activity involving company accounts is often hidden by encryption, making detection more difficult.

Dark web monitoring typically comes in two forms: dark web crawl - dark web crawling scans the deep and dark web for any sign of a company's data or intellectual property. Dark web crawls can uncover hidden activity related to employees' account credentials as well as those from third-party vendors who have been given access to a business's systems.

The dark web crawl activity can be used to identify account takeover attempts, as well as those from hackers who have stolen a business's passwords and credentials. However, dark web monitoring is a more targeted method that scans specific locations on the dark web related to targeted keywords. Dark web monitoring typically uses simulated identities or honeypots, or decoy assets posted online.

Dark web monitoring typically focuses on social media, information sharing forums and marketplaces. The monitoring scans these areas for signs of stolen credentials or other sensitive company data being sold online. It can also help discover if a business's name is being used to solicit illegal activity. 

A Password Security Audit Is Essential For Businesses

A password security audit is essential for businesses because it helps to ensure that passwords are properly designed and safeguarded. Passwords are not secure if they're easy to guess, so password security audits help organizations determine their level of risk when it comes to these important pieces of information. Passwords should be long, complicated combinations of numbers, symbols and capital letters that cannot easily be guessed or hacked into.

Protect Your Business By Taking Action Now

If your password management system does not have Dark Web monitoring and account takeover prevention in place you are putting your business's future at risk.

In the article entitled "Cyberattacks now cost companies $200,000 on average, putting many out of business" by Scott Steinberg appeared on the website CNBC.com reveals just how vulnerable businesses are, you can read the article by clicking here. Then act by clicking on the icon below.


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