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Cyber Safety: The Importance of Internet Protection

Cyber safety no longer involves simply protecting your children from inappropriate web content. These days, internet predators seem to lurk around every corner, and they are capable of everything from identity theft to erotic exploitation. However, in the midst of the dangers presented online a wealth of valuable tools and information reside.

For families who desire to take advantage of the benefits of the internet while protecting themselves from its dangers, cyber safety is not optional - it is a necessity.

Establish Accountability

Everyone needs accountability, but when it comes to internet safety, this simple concept takes on a whole new importance. For families with children, especially, communication is critical.

If your child spends all of her time in front of the computer instead of speaking with you, there may be reason to question her internet activities. Talk with her about what she is viewing and the importance of staying safe online.

mother and teen daughter discussing computer use

Another simple yet effective way to establish accountability in your home is to position all computers in a public area. This way, computer use occurs in the open where everyone can see and hold family members responsible for what they do online. This often means developing a communication strategy with teenagers and addressing cyber bullying prevention. If you are not sure what to do than invest in some books that will give you strategies and how to tackle this issue.

Here is one of the best publications on cyber bullying from Amazon:

Keep Personal Information, Personal

One of the classic methods that internet predators use is extracting personal information from websites where you freely post it. Consequently, the less information you make available to the public, the less likely you are to become victim to people who would seek to harm you.

Never type your address, your phone number, or even your opinions at a site which is not fully secure.

Take extreme caution when communicating with people that you do not know online, and avoid meeting them in person. Remember that your personal information is personal. This is one of the most critical components of cyber safety.

Utilize Internet Protection Software

In recent years, a wide variety of internet safety software options have become available to the public. From a Norton Antivirus program to a SafeEyes filtering system, programs which can protect your home from the dangers of the internet are not difficult to find. In fact, there are a number of free applications which can be downloaded and used on your computer as a protective measure. Before making a decision about which software to utilize, evaluate the features, effectiveness, and cost of all your options.

If your child's school warns of cyber bullying do not dismiss this lightly because your child may be a victim and you do not know. Here are some tools to improve your cyber safety that are highly rated by reviewers, but they are not free.

We are always interested to hear feedback about better publications, tools and videos to share.

There are digital tools to help victims, parents and schools to fightback and here are some of them:

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Cyber safety is an important matter for the entire family. Without proper precautions and appropriate levels of accountability the ones you love could innocently fall victim to disaster. Take measures to protect your family today.

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