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Tips and Advice for Child Safety Online

For any parent, child safety online is a major concern. Children are a parent’s dearest treasure, and the Internet contains numerous pitfalls that could take your child and leave them scarred for life.

Worse, predators on the Internet are lurking, seeking an opportunity to come between you and your child with potentially catastrophic results.

The federal government has attempted to come to the aid of parents by making public on its website a Parents guide to Internet Safety for their children.

It attempts to help the parents discern if pedophiles might be stalking their children, as well as steps that can be taken to help protect their children from these predators.

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Special Child Safety Programs

  • Microsoft has put out a special safety program designed to protect children. Named Microsoft Online Safety, it has a wide array of settings that can be activated, ranging from the web browser to the x-box. In addition, it comes with numerous safety tips than can help educate both you and your children about the risks they will face on the Internet.
  • British Standards Institution has put out software designed to specially protect children from Internet dangers. Named Child Safety Online, it attempts to filter objectionable online elements ranging from pornographic materials to excessive violence. While trying to maintain a secure environment, it tries to not block Internet materials that are suitable for your children to view.
  • Safe Eyes is an excellent means of protecting your children from harmful content. It is customizable, allowing for keywords and site categories to be blocked. It is very protective, and is controlled by an administrator. Numerous logins are possible, but only the administrator can decide which sites can be enabled.
  • Content Purity is another program designed for child safety online. It scans very carefully for pornographic images, using a complex system to determine if there might be any hidden pornographic content that your children might be about to view. Its sophistication is justified because of the increasing levels of pornographic traffic on the Internet.

Educate Children to Protect Them

No system of defense aimed at protecting your children is completely foolproof. The products, advice, and services listed above are excellent starting points for developing a secure computer environment for your child.

Online safety is being increasingly jeopardized in our era, but through careful planning, adequate computer preparation, and educating your children about the dangers that exist online, the most important steps have been taken for ensuring that your child is safe when on the computer.

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