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Finding the Best Internet Security Software

Identity theft prevention is greatly enhanced by using the best internet security software because it effectively guards against malicious threats both to your computer and to you.

In a world where nearly everything - including your bank account - is online, it is vital that you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from identity theft, fraud, and even simple inconvenience.

You can purchase internet security software in a suite or as individual components.

What Do You Need to Know When Searching for Quality Software?

The first thing that you need to know is that unless you are an I.T. expert is that you need an arm's length review of the features and benefits of the products that you are considering using. This review may be completed by a consumer's association in your home country or it may be an industry group.

However, I believe that what you want is to be able to compare on chart basis the features and benefits that will produce a ranking of the best available product. A simple google search will produce a provider of this service. However, the individual product reviews always have the endorsements listed.

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What Should a Comparison of the Features and Benefits of the Software Products Show?

Firstly, the overall rating of the product compared to its peers. This is usually shown as: excellent, very good, good, fair and poor.

The ratings should cover:

  • scope of the protection
  • effectiveness
  • ease of installation
  • ease of use
  • features
  • updates, and
  • help and support

Secondly, look for software that has excellent anti-virus protection. Again, finding certified software gives you an additional peace of mind. ICSA and WCL certifications ensure that your anti-virus software is current and effective.

Also find out how the software scans your computer for threats. It should include multiple scanning options, including real-time, scheduled, manual, heuristic (guards against new viruses), and on-access (when you receive/open files).

Generally, your comparison chart will list the threat protections covered, additional protection, identity theft protection and full best internet protection.

A comprehensive comparison chart will show protection technology, scanning capabilities, additional features, updates, all certifications covered, technical support and operating systems covered.

The Description of the Best Antivirus Software Recommended Summary Should Be Read

When your comparison service makes a recommendation it will expand on its rating with substantial commentary on the criteria that the reviewers assessed. It is always important to read this commentary because you are looking for words like "we look at the results from the industry standard security software testers" and "why the most highly ranked are also the most effective".

What My Market Research Revealed as the Best Features Of Reviewed Products

Nowadays you have to think about all your devices because many of them are mobile and you have to think of what your needs are.  These are some essentials:

  • Protect your family
  • Protect against viruses and malware
  • Block spam and dangerous emails e.g. phishing emails
  • Protect your identity
  • Protect against hackers and online fraud
  • Protect your social media network
  • Protect your Mac as well
  • Protect your smartphones and tablets
  • Cloud based so that you can organize your security whenever and where ever you are
  • Locate and track your lost phone
  • Unlimited protection for all your devices
  • Remote lock and wipe (especially useful for Bring Your Own Device work)
  • Device alarm
  • What others can you think of?

This is internet security software that I use after having followed the above procedure. I liked it so much that I became an affiliate. If you want to check out the Bitdefender Total Security software, please click on the icon below.

I hope these tips will help you to choose the best internet security software for your needs.

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